DATA Literacy Education

Ramp up your team for the knowledge economy!

If you already have our free guide, you might be ready to take the next step. We have a highly intensive workshop-based course for busy professionals and their teams to equip you for the knowledge economy. If knowledge is partly facts, then facts are really data.

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    “It is more important than ever to equip yourself and your team with the basics on a practical business level. Whatever the size of your business, however big or small your data, you need to get to grips with it today. That's what this course is all about.”

    Paul Dettman

    London, UK

    What you get:

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    What is it all about?

    This course is about business data. What is it, where is it, how valuable is it? We answer all of this and more in a really engaging, easy-to-digest format. This is a hands-on course involving intensive workshops and teamwork. It is just like doing a real data project with a small team in three weeks. This can be with your own colleagues, or you can choose to network with other people with the same level of motivation as you. You will spend a small number of hours a week that will fit around your day job.

    Never before has data been so important to so many industries. Every single business, even a two-person startup, already has more data than it can digest. Before you can buy the right tools you need to ask the right questions. This course does that and more.